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About the Store

We are known as nauras, the renowned brand of Traditional Arabian Sandals preferred by nationals of the United Arab Emirates. Since 1969, Nauras and its founders have been the custodian of a time-honoured heritage of exquisite craftmanship in our factory in Italy. We pride ourselves in taking great care of preserving this trade and maintaining our position as the Ultimate House of Excellence in design and craftmanship for many years to come. Nauras employs the best craftsmen, those who meet its excellence and quality standards. We will continue the legacy which has come to symbolize the traditional Arabian sandals, and to provide unmatched customer service and satisfaction. The Nauras brand traces its origin back to our founders, who made a base in the United Arab Emirates back in 1964 and established the company in 1969. The company was the first to introduce the “Florida Sandal” in the UAE. Over 50 years now and we still produce our sandals exclusively in Italy, which is renowned for its traditional knowledge of luxury leather and the exceptional craftsmanship. The company continues to be a family-held enterprise, functioning in full conformance with traditional ways and core values. We pride ourselves of being associated with such local tradition remaining true to the needs of the local market. Today the company has grown, stature, and prominence with a diverse product line comprising classical and modern designs to suit all tastes. We operate in 6 branches across all the UAE: Abu Dhabi Khalifa street, Bawabat Sharq Mall BANIYAS, RAK, Al Ain Khalifa street, Sharjah corniche street, Jumeirah.

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