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    Ground Floor

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    Tel : 02 586 8857

    Email : info@alromaizan.ae

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    Sun - Thur 10:00 AM - 10:00 PM

    Fri - Sat 10:00 AM - 12:00 AM

About the Store

Al Romaizan is one of the leading gold and jewelry companies in the GCC. Headquartered in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, we have garnered a reputation as industry leaders and experts in the design, manufacture, and distribution of quality gold and jewelry products. With over 6 decades of experience, our unique heritage, vision, and creative intuition have set us apart from other distributors in the industry. We believe that the key to success lies in an attitude of innovation. As such, we constantly strive to develop and enhance our designs and processes not only through research but also curating an environment in which creativity can shine. Al Romaizan currently has branches across 4 countries – Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar, and United Arab Emirates. We are proud of the legacy we have created and endeavor to continuously lead and inspire the gold and jewelry industry in the GCC.

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